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Just wanted to give a big shout-out to the guys at IndyFab. Many of you might already know this but IF is moving to the good old ‘Live Free or Die” state aka New Hampshire this coming week. Instead of just recycling or disposing of their old steel tubing, they decided to have a FREE Yard Sale for the younger frame builders in the area. I can’t thank Gary Smith and Brian Kelly enough for saving us all these precious goodies. We walked away with some high quality steel tubing as well as some nice old steel fixtures.

Also, here are a few shots from around the IF factory. These are some of the last shots I’ll take of the old Somerville space. Wish I had more than just my iphone camera on these! While its kind of sad for a guy like me to think about. Gary was also showing me all the pics of the renovated mill building that will house IndyFab, Baily Works and a retail show room up in NH. And from that I know that these guys are going to be just fine. More than fine actually!

Here’s a shot of the usual suspects. (Left to Right) Brad from GH, Cave Dave, Bryan H from Royal H, and Kid Icarus himself.

Boxes of the tubing, mostly True Temper steel. Some of it was a little dated, but most were some really nice gems. Can’t wait to put this stuff to good use!

Ian inspects some tubing as Brian Kelly tells us to “take everything or its getting tossed!”.

A couple shots of some Nichols Horizontal mills. These were actually the origional mills that Mike Flannigan had at ANT when I was apprenticing there. I tried to make an offer on these, but they’ll be making the trek up to NH as well.

I don’t know why but they’ve always had this pic of JFK in the welding area. There’s some Mass pride for ya!

Big old TIG welder and some of the last Somerville IF frames.

Wall o’jerseys! I remember some of the long sleeve DH Jerseys from back in the 90′s when IF sponsored Lars Anderson and Jody Stoddard. Those guys were my hero’s back in the day!

For more pics, check out what I put up on flickr. Thanks guys!

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