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Current Lead Time is 3-4 Months, Email for more Info.

International Distributors

Blue Lug
Tokyo, Japan
telephone: 03-6662-5042

Order Process

At Geekhouse, you can talk to us directly. No middlemen, just you and us, isn’t that nice and cozy? This gives us the freedom to learn about you, your desired ride qualities, things you love about your bike, hate about stock bikes, and what makes you tick. We take this whole gamut of information and we translate it into a piece of machinery that will last a lifetime. It’s that simple.

OK… It’s not that simple. There’s tubing upgrades, braze-ons, compatibility, clearances, and that’s not even getting into components, fit, or finish! Phew!!! Briefly, you’ve got a lot of choices to make. We’re here to guide you through them. Whether rolling through the mountains or just the morning commute, there are opportunities in a custom bike that simply don’t come ‘off the shelf’.

Get in touch. We’ll talk with you about all of these options and together we’ll discuss, brainstorm, dream, and together we’ll create the perfect bike for you. A non-refundable 50% deposit secures your spot in the queue and afterward we’ll be in contact through e-mail, telephone, Skype, etc. We use the lead time to dial it all in, and what comes out in the end is nothing short of everything you’ve ever wanted.

We build ‘em, you ride ‘em. It’s that simple. read more…