2013 Geekhouse/Cuppow Club Kit, Pre-Order!!!

Announcing the 2013 Geekhouse/Cuppow Club Kit Pre-sale. We will be taking orders on our new kits over the next 3 weeks. Delivery is slated for 6-8 weeks from time of our order. Check out the Store page for more details. These are our Summer kits, new CX kits to be unveiled later this Fall.

We unveiled the new kits this year at the Rapha Northeast Gentleman’s race. It’s something we look forward to, and dread all year. At 130 miles with climbs as much as 15,000 feet in elevation, these rides feature some of the best riding the Northeast has to offer. We might not have been the fastest riders, but we are always ‘Cat 1 for fun’.

Cuppow and Geekhouse have now formed a lasting partnership on our CX race team. But we like these guys so darn much, we decided to partner on all apparel both racing and riding just for fun (Is there any difference?). Featured here in Mr Joshua Robot, one of our Elite CX racers, now residing in the Bay Area.

Our Kits were designed by the lovely and talented Adria Klora and printed, hand cut, and sewn in Los Angelos by Endo Customs. We love US made products, and strongly believe in the quality and craftsmanship of what Endo produces. I mean look at those colored strips around the tops of these bibs. You’re not even looking at the bibs are you!?!

Thanks as always to the amazing Heather McGrath for the amazing photo shoot. As well as to our sexy models, Bradford Smith and Joshua Robot. We hope you like the kits as much as we do, and we look forward to see you on the roads and trails. Up, Up, and away!


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Hi, I'm Marty and I own Geekhouse bikes. I enjoy such passtimes as donuts, fine beers, and endless bad sci-fi.
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