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We recently sent Marty’s NAHBS Woodville over to Levi’s for some camera time with alongside their new cycling-inspired jeans aptly named the ‘Commuter’. Exciting stuff. They sent us over a little care package which is nice because I don’t know how to do laundry, and hopefully we’ll be able to review the Commuters as they hit the shelves sometime this Spring.

Brad didn’t get anything because pants are kind of like his kryptonite. I’m not sure if the Commuters are knickers or if the guy in the picture just rolled them up to show off some sweet man-calf but either way I’m having a hard time trying to sell Brad on denim of any kind.

We got in touch with our new best friends because we’ll be participating in the 2011 Oregon Manifest Constructor Design Challenge presented by Levi’s.

Check out the new OM site for a description of the event and list of builders and schools participating in the challenge. I can’t go 15 minutes without hearing about another new groundbreaking idea or conceptual paradigm being blown wide open for the bike we’ll be building; even though it’s still half a year away I can already tell that what Marty and Brad are planning is going to be quite a creative treat.

It’s a very different kind of show and a great opportunity; one we’re really looking forward to participating in. We’ll be chronicling the build here so check back for updates in the new Oregon Manifest Category. A special show deserves a special bike so we’re going to go all out; I can’t divulge too many details yet but from the chatter around the shop I’ll bet dollars to donuts that my boys will definitely be pulling out the big guns and maybe, just maybe, I can convince them to put a bird on it.

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