Tristan’s Brentwood Porter

Tristan is a good friend of mine. The kind of friend who doesn’t judge you if you say attend a Star Trek convention. The kind of friend who laughs when you say the girl in the Klingon outfit is hot, and you’d totally be down to have a Klingon wedding. So when it came time to build him a bike I was super pumped.

Making a specific Porter model is something that we’ve been working on a for a while now. The ‘Brentwood features a more upright geometry, front Velo Orange Porter rack, as well as generator front and rear lights. Tristan choose the Schmidt Edelux front generator hub, with the Supernova E3 front and rear lights.

Stay tuned for the new ‘Brentwood’ page on the new 2014 Geekhouse website, which we will be launching some time this spring. As always, the amazing photo’s provided by Heather McGrath. Thanks guys!


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NAHBS 2014, You want in?

It’s a big thing at Geekhouse not to mention what we are building, or show any pics of our show bikes before NAHBS. Our show bikes are some of the nicest bikes we’re ever made. If you’ve been holding out for a Top Notch Geekhouse for a while now, this could be your chance to own one of our Complete bikes, and get it in hands in just 2 months time! If you are interested in a complete Geekhouse with ALL of the bells and whistles (bell may or may not be included). Please shoot me an email at

Thanks guys!


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Marty’s ‘Wormtown’ 29er

Mountain biking is what first got me into cycling way back. I took a few years off of shredding the gnar, but after getting my Wormtown 29er built up this spring I fell in love all over again. If you are interested in a Geekhouse MTB for the spring, hit us up right now! I’m planning a batch of 5qty of these bikes featuring a 142x12mm axle, super short 410mm chain stays, cut out Seat tube, and the colors you’ve learned to love from Geekhouse.

Follow Geekhouse bikes on Instagram and look for hashtag #manmornings for pics of early morning shreds from this past year.

For full sets of this bike check us out on flickr.

Thanks guys, stayed tuned for more off road bikes from Geekhouse in 2014!


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