Stephen G’s Radical Mudville

This is a fantastic bike we finished recently. We were really excited to do a complete bike with a bunch of Enve components. Enve has been great to us with our cross team for the past few years, so it was exciting to do a bike with Enve rims, stem, and fork. Also the pink Chris King headset, bb, and hubs really pop on this build. Not to mention Jordan Low who did this fantastic matte black and pink custom paint job.

A lot of our inspiration in the past few years has come from mid century modern geometric patterns. You can see that in our past two years worth of cross kits and club kits and now we got the chance to add them to a frame itself.

Thanks again to Stephen G for all his patience on this project! Can’t wait to see action shots of this bike this coming spring. For more studio shots by Heather McGrath check out the Geekhouse visit flickr.

Thanks Guys!


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2013 Geekhouse Cross Kit Presale!!!!!!!

2013 Marked a big year for Geekhouse and our support of a CX team. In their 2nd year as title sponsor Cuppow really stepped up and allowed us to sponsor a 6 person Elite squad based in New England.

We new we wanted to do something big with the kits, so again we went back to Adria Klora as head designer. The Razzle Dazzle kit from 2012 really stood out and became a staple of Geekhouse racing. So how do you make the best kit ever, again?

For us a good kit, always comes from a good story. We started to look at different patterns from the same era as Dazzle Camo, and found the patterns were based out of the Deco style. From there we looked at textiles and architecture and picked a geometric pattern that we felt was an extension of our previous designs.

We also switched up the colors as well for 2013. We decided to go from Neon to more of a subdued pastel and incorporating more black, which is a nod to the Geekhouse Club kits. We wanted these kits to stand out, but in a more laid back “It’s cool baby, I guess I’ll go on a date with you, no big deal.” kind of way.

So now is your chance to buy these limited edition 2013 kits. This is the one and only time we will offer these kits, so get while the gettin is good. Check out the store here! Thanks guys!

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Tristan’s Brentwood Porter

Tristan is a good friend of mine. The kind of friend who doesn’t judge you if you say attend a Star Trek convention. The kind of friend who laughs when you say the girl in the Klingon outfit is hot, and you’d totally be down to have a Klingon wedding. So when it came time to build him a bike I was super pumped.

Making a specific Porter model is something that we’ve been working on a for a while now. The ‘Brentwood features a more upright geometry, front Velo Orange Porter rack, as well as generator front and rear lights. Tristan choose the Schmidt Edelux front generator hub, with the Supernova E3 front and rear lights.

Stay tuned for the new ‘Brentwood’ page on the new 2014 Geekhouse website, which we will be launching some time this spring. As always, the amazing photo’s provided by Heather McGrath. Thanks guys!


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