Tristan’s Brentwood Porter

Tristan is a good friend of mine. The kind of friend who doesn’t judge you if you say attend a Star Trek convention. The kind of friend who laughs when you say the girl in the Klingon outfit is hot, and you’d totally be down to have a Klingon wedding. So when it came time to build him a bike I was super pumped.

Making a specific Porter model is something that we’ve been working on a for a while now. The ‘Brentwood features a more upright geometry, front Velo Orange Porter rack, as well as generator front and rear lights. Tristan choose the Schmidt Edelux front generator hub, with the Supernova E3 front and rear lights.

Stay tuned for the new ‘Brentwood’ page on the new 2014 Geekhouse website, which we will be launching some time this spring. As always, the amazing photo’s provided by Heather McGrath. Thanks guys!