You may or may not know that we have an in-house powder coat op. called Sugarcoat. Bradford is the CEO, Chief Excellent Officer, of SC and takes care of, not only every Geekhouse Bike, but also whatever steel you want to throw his way. With limitless options from Columbia Coatings, Prismatic, and more; we can do everything from matching that shade of lip-gloss pink you love so much to just plain old surprising you (our favorite). His eye for detail, creative color choices, and eagle-eye finish gloriously combine into a final product that can’t be beat. Bradford quite literally lives and breathes all things powder coat, that’s why we make him wear a mask.

Every Geekhouse comes with a custom Sugarcoat or we can powder coat everything from Astro-Daimler to Zeus. Do to increased demand, we’ll be bumping up prices slightly this year, so that we can offer more options, faster turnaround, and the same precision finish you’ve come to know and love.

Single Color Frame & Fork $225
Second Coat (incl. sparkle, matte, and clear coats) $75
Different Color Fork $75
Diss-assemble & Re-assemble (Geared) $100
Diss-assemble & Re-assemble (Single Speed) $50
New Cables & Housing $25
Tap, Ream, Face BB & HT Included

Additionally, with the help of good friend Dave at LA Brakeless we now have new ‘Sugarcoated’ stickers! If you’ve gotten a bike powdered by us in the past and you’re tired of people asking where you got it done and long to be able to just point at a cutesy sticker than today is your day.

To learn more about getting your bike Sugarcoated or to claim a sticker you can drop Brad a line at

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Hi, I'm Marty and I own Geekhouse bikes. I enjoy such passtimes as donuts, fine beers, and endless bad sci-fi.
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